BLOG: Your Way to Beautiful Hair

Keep your hair moisturized by applying moisturizing cream

When using conditioner, apply from mid-lengths to ends and us a wide tooth comb to detangle hair.

Shampoo works opposite of conditioner. Start at the top of the head and massage into roots. Stop midway down the hair, to help lock in moisture to individual strands.

After towel drying, add moisturizer or a small amount of gel and style. Try not to always use a heated hair appliance after washing hair.

Using a smaller amount of moisturizer ensures hair will not look weighed down.

Wash hair every 2-3 days during the Summer months to remove sweat and oil build up. Wash hair every 4-5 days during the Fall, Winter and Spring months which will help hair to maintain moisture.

Excessive use of high heat blow dryers and flat irons can cause hair strands to break down and break off. Also, do not use elastics or cheap pony tail holders. Look for those that protect your hair from breakage.

For the perfect hairdo, always use edge control products on dry hair.

If you are looking for a great curly look, apply our Citrus Sky Styling Gel from root to tip.

Hair is no different then skin when investing in good quality products. Quality products keep your hair healthy and strong, eliminating the need for products that “fix” damaged hair.

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