Customer Support FAQs

How long will order processing take? Order processing will take 2 – 3 days.

What is the definition of order processing time? Order processing time, is the time it takes to package and ship,

What to do if you received a damaged product? If your package arrived damaged. Please send back the damaged item. Once Caira’s Beauty has received your damaged product, we will replace with a new item. Please note: customer will be responsible for the shipping cost of sending back the damaged item.

What should you do if you are missing an item from your order? If the product is missing from a completely sealed package, Caira’s Beauty will replace the missing item.

Can an order be canceled after submitting the order to Caira’s Beauty? If the product has been packaged and shipped (notification of shipment will be emailed to you), returns will not be accepted.

What should you do if your order never arrived? If the item never arrived on our end we will process and ship that item to you. You will receive a tracking number for your shipping. If the package did not arrive on the shipping companies end, you will have to have the shipping company track the item.

What can you do to minimize trouble with your order? Please make sure you are providing the correct shipping address when you place your order. Once the package is sent there is no way for Caira’s Beauty to change the shipping address.

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